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Help the skate park
Friday, 14 July 2006
Help me help the Molalla Skate Park
Mood:  blue
I'd like to apologize to the skaters who showed up for the skate competition on July 8, only to find there was none. But I needed your help and found no skaters or parents coming forward. I have been asking for skaters and parents to come forward and help since the inception of the skate park in 2000. I have been trying so hard to give skaters the image they deserve and keep the city and community involved, but I am getting tired of doing something for those who don't seem to care. Every year I have hosted a skate competition and worked with national skate companies to make people see what our little town did with a big dream. But less and less Molalla businesses want to be involved because, "...there's too many drugs and bad behavior at the skate park." Why not help give it a postive image instead of helping enforce the negative image so many people believe?
It seems to me that after the skate park opened no one wanted to keep it going. Every December I start comtacting companies on getting involved and to help portray the positive image. And every June I feel like I've done too much, and every year I swear this will be the last year. And this year I said it again, but this year I went to the skate park anyway, knowing I would not be having the competition and gave prizes for kids for just being there and doing what they love.
So, now I leave it up to you. Will we be having a skate competition next year? Will the skate park eventually wither away and no one remember what we did and why? Where will you go if not here? 
I'd like to call out to all parents of skaters, skaters, and friends of the skate park. I am asking for help. I am but one person and now being a single mom I can only do so much. I'd like to continue being part of the skate park because I just feel too long it's been my baby and it's hard for me to just walk away from the kids and the talent. I'd love the help and will continue to host skate competitions and hopefully more of you will get involved and we can bring the skate park to the former glory and good name.
For more information or to help, please contact 
Salena De La Cruz at (503) 805-3498 or or check out our site at

Posted by skateparkinvestors at 3:34 AM
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