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Are you ready to ROCK?
Are you ready to ROLL?
Are you ready to BUST OUT???
For the first time ever...SkatePark Investors is coordinating two funfilled days of rocking, rolling and bustin' out.
We will be hosting a skatebording competition on Saturday, July 13th at noon, and in-line skating on Sunday, July 14th at noon.
We need your help. We are looking for prize donations for the winners, for the crowd, and donations for the insurance policy.
We need volunteer judges and crowd control.
We'd love to have some pros come out and tear it up. Also would love to have some bands come out and ROCK for us. Let me remind you we are non-profit, but maybe we can work something out.
Thanks to all who have helped in the past, and who will help in the future because of you skating continues to create new talent and keep the old begging for more!!!

There will be NO skate competition this year. I am sorry. I have had so much going on in my life and not enough outside help. Hopefully, I can have another one next year,but we'll see. Until next time keep bustin' out! However, if you want to see a bigger and better skate park or skate competition we need more involvement from skaters and the community. Let me know if you'd like to help out so we can make next years the best and biggest ever!!!

Working on the skate Competition for 2006, and have confirmations from Skate Parks USA, and Powell Skateboards, and In-line Warehouse to help with product donations for the comp. I am currently working to get funding to open a skate shop in Oregon City, Oregon. This will have skateboards, in-line skates and snowboards, hope to see you all in there once everything is confirmed. If you want to know more or just want to say hey, call or email me at the below contact numbers.

1/30/06***NEW CELL NUMBER***

Another year, another skate competition. This year we hope to bring it all home. The skate competition will be held July 8, and we will be in the 4th of July parade so everyone knows about it. We'll be bustin' out with blades and boards. Anything you can do to help would be awesome. See the skate support page for more information. Until next time keep bustin' out!!

Chad Nolan is no longer with SkatePark Investors. He has found other dreams to follow. We wish him luck in all of his endeavors. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck, Chad!

We are still working on finding funding and grants for the skate shop. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe this time next year we'll be hosting, sponsoring and donating all of the prizes for the comps. Hope to see you all and get you all involved in the coming months. Any questions or comments let me know.

SkatePark Investors has some great news: We are hoping, within the next year to open a skate shop, right here in Molalla. It will be called Bustin' Out: Bladez & Boards. We will have skateboarding and rollerblading equipment. We are still looking into the financial aspects of it, but we hope to be able to not only host the skate comps every year, but sponsor them as well. We will probably also bring in snowboarding stuff for the off seasons and rollerblading and skateboarding. If you have questions let me know.

Tomorrow's the day! The skate competition will be rocking and rolling. We will rocking out to tunes from DIJ Metal, based in Vancouver. DJ Jason Phillips will be spinning his tunes. We're received great prizes. Some new stuff included PS2 games (MLB 2006, ATV Offroad). If you don't want to compete come and support the cause and buy a few raffle tickets to get some sweet prizes. Hope to see you all there! Till next time, Keep Bustin' Out!

It's getting closer. Only about 2 1/2 weeks until the skate competition, and we still need your help. We are still about about $150 away from the insurance. If you or your business could donate to the skate park we'd very much appreciate it. Anyone who donates will have their name on this site and posted at the skate park. For more information contact Salena De La Cruz at or call 503-539-2792. Until next time, keep bustin' out!

New telephone number to contact Salena is (503) 539-2792.

Well the car wash was a bust. We only made $35. We are working to find the insurance funding another way. If anyone has any ideas of what we can do, let me know. Not to worry we will be working very hard to make sure this competition goes without a hitch. DIJ Metal will be performing at the competition live. We look forward to making this comp the best ever and reminding people what a little town did with a big dream.

Well, things are really starting to happen. We've received some great prizes already, from Calsk8, Exit Real Worlds, Sunshine Distributors, Globe Shoes, Dickies Girl, and am waiting on others. If you know anyone that would like to volunteer, donate, or exhibit their talents. We're ready to have a rip-roaring good time. **PLEASE TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN ME IN WELCOMING CHAD NOLAN AS COMPETITION COORDINATOR**He was one of the original people behind the idea of getting the skate park in Molalla. He has been a big influence on the original idea and we welcome him with open arms. We hope to create an ongoing relationship with all of you and Mr. Nolan in helping make this skate competition the best ever. In addition, on May 21, we will be having a car wash to raise money for the insurance cost to have the skate competition. If you'd like to join the efforts in the skate competition, the car wash, or the organization let me know we'd love to have you help out. Until next time...KEEP BUSTIN' OUT!!!

We're doing it. It's on. We got approval from the City of Molalla to have the competition, with the stipulation that we must get insurance. We will be having some fundraisers to get the money for the insurance and the skaters will pay the other part. In addition to having waivers signed. The insurance will only be $5.00 a skater so the cost to enter the competition is $10.00. $5.00 will help cover overhead costs and the other $5.00 will cover insurance. Not to bad considering the other quote we got was $500. Anyway, keep bustin' out and can't wait to see you all there.

We're blowing it up this year. We will be holding a skate competiton on July 2. We will have all the insurance issues worked out and we'll show everyone what skaters are all about. Come join the fun.

The 2004 skate competition was postponed due to some insurance snags. I hope to still have one after the school year begins. But if not we will definitely be rocking it up and out in 2005. Stay tuned to the site as word becomes available.

The skate competition will be held July 10. For more details go to the skate competition 2004 page.

Well, for those that came to the skate comp. on Saturday, it didn't happen. It is going to be rescheduled to when I return from my internship in MIssouri, which will be in September. Will keep you posted with the details.

It's all coming together. The skate competition will be July 5, 2003 @ 2pm. Skaters can begin showing up for registration at 12pm. As I said I wll be unable to be there, but I will continue to do what I can to make the skate park even better. I created a skaters keepsake magazine and am looking for a magazine publisher. Hope to see all of you bustin' out!

Well, the 2003 competition is bustin' out on July 5, 2003. For those who may not know, I have an internship over the Summer and will try to make it back. However, if I am unable to make it Timateo De La Cruz will be hosting the event, as he will probably be unable to compete due to an ankle injury he sustained during a car accident. Get those boards ready and those blades primed because we're ready to bring it!

We have confirmation from Skatepile, T-Bone Videos, Daily Bread Magazine, and SunWear for prizes. Woo Hoo! And Skatepile will be sponsoring the event. Yeah!

Working to make the 2003 Skate Competition bar grindin,' hip hoppin,' full blown fun!

Starting the contact for 2003 Skate competition.

Will be coordinating with Skate Watch to let them know we are looking for a new CEO and that a skate comp. will be held July 6.
No new updates where Skate Watch is concerned.  Working to get skaters more interested in the cause/.
1/5/02 Happy New Year!

I just wanted to give everyone a little heads up about what's going on in SkatePark Investors' world. We've applied for an $11,000 grant to revamp the skate park. If anyone is interested in helping out please let me know.

Unfortunately, Skate Watch has not met recently due to lack of attendance. Again, I reiterate, this is not my skate park. This is yours, the skaters, and if you want something better you need to help get it going. I can push for it all I want, but I'm not a skater and it won't mean the same if you aren't a part of it. Take an active roll. Join Us!

Next meeting, September 30,2001 2:00 p.m.Molalla Skate Park

August 12, 2001:

The first official Skate Watch meeting.

Meeting Minutes:

*The first order of business was to discuss clean-up and helping to maintain a nice, clean skate park.
*Discussed possible designers
*The responsibility Skate Watch has to ALL skaters.
*Future plans
*Gave contact card to reach me if comments or questions arise about the skate park.

Future Plans of Skate Watch:

*Help coordinate the  Molalla Skate Competition every year.
*Stuff envelopes and send to possible skate distributors for help.
*Contact possible sponsors and find funding.
*ALWAYS maintain the Molalla Skate Park.

Join Skate Watch and become a part of the future for Molalla skaters. Whether you skate, draw, design websites, anything,your talents are needed and would be a great asset. JOIN US!