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Molalla, Oregon is a small community of a little more than 5,000 people. It's just 20 minutes south of Oregon City. In May of 1997, SkatePark Investors was given the opportunity to help make it a better place by assisting in the plans to get a skate park made. Salena De La Cruz, CEO, welcomed the chance to give back to a place she had called home for a long time.Skate Park Investors has worked for more than four years to help make the Molalla Skate Park a success by donating their time, money and determination. We have worked in conjunction with the City of Molalla to establish a place where skaters can call their own and not worry about getting police called on them for various complaints ranging from noise to just good old fashioned FUN. SkatePark Investors recognized the need for such a place and facilitated the contact between the city officials and the skaters. Though it wasn't an easy task, we eventually were able to begin construction of the park. With a lot of volunteer time, and energy the skaters now have a home to call their own. On June 24, 2000, the Molalla Skate Park opened up for blading and boarding. Though those dreaded signs that read "No Rollerblading/Skateboarding," are still permanent landmarks throughout the city streets and sidewalks we accomplished a small town's big dream. Maybe, someday we can hope to have all those signs a thing of the past.

Our Next Mission: The enlargement and renovation of the Molalla Skate Park.

Michelle Leis
female skateboarder; Actual size=240 pixels wide
Michelle Leis, was the first female to enter one of our skate competitions,in all 4 yrs. of comps.

Dustin Caldera
Caldera showed his skills at riding the rails at the Molalla Skate Competition 6/3/01.

Riding the vert.
The walls seen here have so much vert that few can really ride it, but as you can see it can be done






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SkatePark Investors' Mission:
SkatePark Investors hopes to maintain communication between the City of Molalla, skaters, and the skate organizations who can effectively help to make the Molalla Skate Park a success. While also, hosting skate competitions to recognize the talents of skaters of all race, religion, age, and/or sex.