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On this page you'll see pictures from skate competitions, and/or skaters just putting on a show on a regular day at the skate park.

During the skate competition held July 6, 2002 we picked 4 people from the crowd to judge the competition.  They did pretty good.  This competition didn't yield as many contestants as we would've liked, but that's o.k. we did it for the skaters.  There were 3 rollerblade competitors and 7 skateboard contestants.   We had so may t-shirts that everyone was able to get something and then we threw out the extras to the crowd.  Good times.  We hope next year's will be even better with sponsors, fun, music and skaters bustin' out.  For prizes we had a $100 gift certificate from, wheels from K2 as well as shirts and stickers, shirts and CD cases from Rollerblade distributed by Leading Edge Sports, shirts and stickers from Vital Gear.  Thank you to everyone that made this year's comp. a success.

Jesse Leis
sporting event-Actual size=180 pixels wide
Jesse Leis placed 2nd in rollerblading at the skate comp. July 6, 2002.

Timateo De La Cruz
sporting event-180 pixels
Timateo De La Cruz, placed 1st in RB at the comp. July 6, 2002 with a total score of 258 out of 320.

Showing off
A skater busts out on one of the few transitions in the park.

Michael Davis
Placed 1st in the 2005 skate comp in the skateboarding division.

sign; Actual size=180 pixels wide
This is a picture of the sign that welcomes people to the Molalla Skate Park.

Tommy Kenney
Tommy Kenney placed 2nd in skateboarding for the second year in a row.