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Get to know the people behind SkatePark Investors.

Salena De La Cruz-CEO

Salena De La Cruz has been working with the skaters and the City of Molalla since May of 1997 to coordinate effective public relations between the city, the community and the skaters. While also trying to keep the skate park maintained and in good working order in hopes to someday enlarge it and add on making it one of the best in the state of Oregon. She volunteers her time to the skate park and coordinates skate competitions in late June-July and has for the last several years. She currently works full-time in her hometown and is is earning her Bachelor's in Business and hopes to open her own skate shop and skate park for a talented group of talented individuals, she loves so much. She has lived in Molalla her whole life.
Her long term goal,where the skate park is concerned, is for people to recognize the talents of skaters and to help back her ideas in making the skate park a success.

Salena De La Cruz
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CEO-SkatePark Investors

Timateo De La Cruz-Skater Liasion
Timateo was at the forefront at the movement to get the skate park in Molalla and has stayed true to his love of in-line skating ever since. He has placed in the Molalla competitions every time he has entered from first place to third.
Since he no longer actively competes he has been asked to assist in being part of SkatePark Investors.
In 1997, De La Cruz was one of the five skaters that went to City Council and asked for a skate park. He'll bring some innovative ideas to SkatePark Investors. Many of you may already know him. Next time you see him bustin' out at the park, say hello and if you have questions or concerns let him know.

Tim frequents skate parks across the state, here he's at Woodburn's.

Our Programs

Skate Watch

SkatePark Investors has coordinated with local skaters that are now known as "Skate Watch". Skate Watch will help to maintain the skate park while also working with SkatePark Investors in keeping the skate community informed on any new information about the Molalla Skate Park or other skate parks in the area. They will also help by giving input on any new ideas for future plans for the Molalla Skate Park. Would you like to join? Contact us by going to our "Say It Loud and Proud" page.